Why do so many life science marketing initiatives fail? Scientists are a difficult audience to persuade—driven by curiosity, yet cautiously skeptical.

Persuading Scientists provides a model for achieving highly effective marketing results that resonate with scientists. Instead of focusing on technology fads and trends, author Hamid Ghanadan leverages the consumer psychology of scientists to solve the most fundamental challenge in science marketing—overcoming skepticism—and provides a step-by-step approach to marketing programs that engage and persuade scientists.

When marketers align the content of their marketing program with the changing information needs of the target audience’s buying journey, the results are highly effective, measurable campaigns that resonate with the scientist. That is the idea. —persuading scientists

As the first book in business literature focused exclusively on marketing within the scientific industry, Persuading Scientists sets a new standard for managers of any experience level to develop strategies that align with the way scientists make purchase decisions.

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