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Becton Dickinson:

Debuting a new genomics experience


Becton Dickinson launched a new product that could capture and analyze thousands of individual cells in a broad range of sizes and types. To match its prodigious impact in genomics research, the renown new platform called for an out-of-the-box experience. We worked with the medical technology group to orchestrate a product launch worthy of its own museum exhibition.

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What we did.

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  • Positioning

  • Messaging

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  • Data Visualization

  • User Experience Design

  • Interaction Design (UI/UX)

  • Technical Copywriting


The campaign.

Becton Dickinson’s (BD) genomics work revolves around a novel idea: insights can all lie in the difference of one — just one genetic variation or specialized cell can hold the distinction between a healthy person or a sick one. That’s why it’s so important for organization’s who perform genomic research to preserve every last bit of insight and information of everything, down to a single cell.

And that’s exactly what BD’s latest venture is accomplishing. To give this new advance in genomics research it’s due diligence, it needed an experience that matched it’s validity. The “Data in Dimensions” launch experience demonstrated the vital information discovered in one singular cell difference of one; an experience that set them apart from other organizations making strides in genomics innovation.



To begin our project, we conducted a situation analysis to better understand how BD was perceived by both its internal stakeholders and customers. We recognized a pattern: BD was notorious for its strong reputation and innovation. But as the organization began to shift toward application-focused messaging and other business units, their messaging strategy still needed to shift the spotlight toward the Genomics research aspect.

With the competition all sending the same product-centric message in a noisy market, BD was poised to become a thought leader in single-cell analysis and revolutionize healthcare by emphasizing the importance of every single sample for every single cell. The moment was ripe for BD to seize that opportunity to be a leader and share their “Difference of One” positioning and narrative.


We debuted this new positioning at the annual AGBT Conference in front of a crowd of life science researchers and executives.

To create the artwork for this project, we worked with a bioinformatician to gain a detailed understanding on how to depict a sample of a single-cell analysis in a practical way. Then, to measure the differences in the individual cells, we created a layered, three-dimensional art piece of several cells that highlighted their different states. This allowed the differences across the cells to stand out, and reiterated that there is no average cell and BD’s latest in genomics research knows that.

The museum-like setting allowed audience members to mingle among the art work while also learning more about the importance of single-cell analysis. They were also given 3-D glasses that brought to life the layers of differences among the cells that were featured.



The “Data in Dimensions” exhibition demonstrated BD’s commitment to understanding single-cell advances and finding way to fight sickness and diseases.

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