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Bio-Rad Labs:

Breaking into an untapped market


See how Linus helped Bio-Rad elevate and amplify it’s perceived value, changing the way it showed up in the pharma and biopharma market.

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"Linus has helped us with our storytelling, which has positively impacted our business."

- Laura Moriarty // Marketing Manager // Bio-Rad Laboratories

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What we did.

Strategy Linus Capabilities


  • Research

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Competitive Assessment

  • Digital Footprint

  • Market Synthesis

  • Communication

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

Creative Linus Capabilities


  • Virtual Reality

  • Data Visualization

  • User Experience Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Technical Copywriting

  • Creative Copywriting


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The campaign.

For decades, Bio-Rad Laboratories’ brand presence was well-known among academic scientists, and in turn, geared most of its brand tone and marketing efforts toward this audience. Due to this success, Bio-Rad wanted to tap another market, one where they had lacked a highly profitable account and battled limited success—the pharma and bio-pharma industry.  

To do so, Bio-Rad needed to combine their portfolio with a new portfolio of pharma-centric products and gain a much larger footprint in this new sought-after market.



We worked with Bio-Rad to collaborate on a creative strategy to reach pharma and biopharma, elevating the brand’s value within this new market.

To begin, we recognized that scientists’ didn’t rely on technology alone to reach further and develop faster in the pharma industry. They needed personalized tools and systems that moved them toward their goals. That’s why we positioned Bio-Rad as leaders in workflow improvements, putting the needs’ of scientists and their customized discoveries first.

To supplement this finding, we orchestrated a creative campaign that emphasized the personalization Bio-Rad had to offer. Our campaign, “Pharma Starts with You” puts the control back in the scientists hand, so they can personalize their workflow to their exact needs.

Animated video



We produced a video that showed how too many steps, interface problems or even user errors can lead to a massive amount of problems, hindering the scientist’s path to discovery. Calling on problems all-too familiar in the pharma industry to illustrate the story, the video then proceeds to how how workflow innovation liberates scientists so they can solve their most pressing problems and not be weighed down by the menial ones.

With tradeshows as our stage, we also created a virtual reality experience that immersed viewers into a workflow world—putting the experience directly in front of them so they could experience the results from smart workflow innovation that Bio-Rad offers.

Virtual Reality experience

Sales representatives were also  with interactive demos for in-person meetings that continued to demonstrate the validity of Bio-Rad’s product to serve the pharma and biopharma community. Through an interactive questionnaire, participants could easily create their own customized workflow. When participants could define their own parameters and needs, the simulation would generate a sample workflow, showing them the power of a customized and personalized product.



Thanks to successfully entering new markets, Bio-Rad’s can continue to significantly make lasting impacts in the life science industry, helping labs across the world deliver faster, better results every day.



We’ve partnered with Bio-Rad on several other projects that helped them gain brand experiences like no other—and make a splash at tradeshows and conferences around the world. 

For the 2018 BIO conference, we created an augmented reality experience to help attendees better understand immunotherapy and why Bio-Rad’s role is so essential to the fight against cancer.

Inside Immunotherapy Augmented Reality App

Inside Immunotherapy Augmented Reality App

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