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Catalytic Experiences

In his highly anticipated second book, Hamid Ghanadan provides a synthesis of how scientists and clinicians are dealing with the ever-increasing barrage of content and what the future holds for marketers, offering the three necessary pieces for orchestrating successful digital marketing in science and healthcare.

“Hamid has written another great tool for marketing (and selling) products to highly technical markets.”
— Amazon Reviewer

Catalytic Experiences provides science and healthcare companies with a proven model to cut through the noise and truly shift the market’s understanding in their favor. 

Persuading Scientists

The first and most widely read book to focus exclusively on marketing strategy to the life science and healthcare industries, Persuading Scientists offers a unique model for influencing the decision of technical audiences, including scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

“The bible for Life Science marketing. Read this book and execute or be crushed by those of us that do!”
— Amazon Reviewer

Hamid Ghanadan provides marketers with a roadmap to build effective content-centric marketing strategies, create and deploy successful campaigns, and measure their impact.