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What do a professional singer, 13-year-old gamer, African pediatrician, and suburban mom have to do with the future of science and healthcare? 


At a time when companies in life sciences and healthcare are expressing discontent over solely transactional relationships, consumers are also craving more authentic partnerships with brands.

Gaining that intimacy is harder than it seems. It requires getting out of the way of the right narrative and its call to action, and trusting that your brand will resonate with your audience as long as you take the time to get to know them. 


— An unscripted, narrative documentary film or series that includes assets for social sharing, rich media, optimized web viewing, and large-screen showcases.

— Each film goes through an extensive casting process to find compelling characters and stories and bring them to life.

— Shot on location using the highest production values.

— Resulting in an elevation of brand and message and an intimacy with core audiences.

Linus uses its over two decades of experience in documentary storytelling, led by Emmy-nominated Creative Director Joanna Rudnick, to bear witness to moments of breakthrough, joy, passion, struggle, and triumph. The results are catalytic.

Introducing Catalytic Cinema™, an award-winning offering from Linus. Bridging the gap between science and humanity. Every day.

“80% of online content will be video by 2019.”


CINDY Awards
  • Gold

  • CATEGORY: Medical
  • CAMPAIGN: Every Step of the Way
  • CLIENT: Charles River
  • Silver

  • CATEGORY: Non-Broadcast Documentary
  • CAMPAIGN: Every Step of the Way
  • CLIENT: Charles River
  • Platinum

  • CATEGORY: Web Video - Educational
  • CAMPAIGN: A Day in the Life of the NICU
  • CLIENT: Medtronic
  • Platinum

  • CATEGORY: Web Video - Medical 
  • CAMPAIGN: Every Step of the Way
  • CLIENT: Charles River
  • Platinum

  • CATEGORY: Digital Media - Virtual Reality
  • CAMPAIGN: Developing a Biological Drug
  • CLIENT: Bio-Rad
  • Honarable Mention

  • CATEGORY: Motion Graphics
  • CAMPAIGN: Genomics Advocate


Trial of One

Medtronic NICU

Charles River Brand