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Science, Health, and Humanity Together on Film


What do a professional singer, 13-year-old gamer, African pediatrician, and suburban mom have to do with the future of science and healthcare? 


At a time when brands in the life sciences and healthcare industries struggle in traditional communications and express discontent over solely transactional relationships, consumers—both B and C—crave authentic partnerships with brands.

It’s harder than it seems. It requires getting out of the way of a good story and then realizing that story is actually about why you—and all of your colleagues—come to work every day.

Linus uses its over two decades of experience in documentary storytelling, led by Emmy-nominated Creative Director Joanna Rudnick, to bear witness to moments of grief, joy, passion, raw dedication, and triumph. The result is catalytic. It’s films that are cinematic, full-narrative experiences. 


An unscripted, narrative documentary film or documentary series package that includes assets for social sharing, rich media, optimized web viewing, and large-screen showcases.

Each film goes through an extensive casting process to find compelling characters and stories and bring them to life.

Shot on location using the highest production values in both production and post-production.

Resulting in an elevation of brand and message and an intimacy with core audiences.

The kind of films you watch on Netflix and HBO, with the same high-production values and narrative arcs, but applied to the most pressing stories in science and healthcare. Sometimes they require a few tissues and often get some laughs.

Introducing Catalytic Cinema™, an award-winning offering from Linus. Bridging the gap between science and humanity. Every day.

The crew in the mountains of Colorado.

The crew in the mountains of Colorado.

Crew in a Vienna hotel room. 

Crew in a Vienna hotel room. 


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