Catalytic Results

A video series that explores complex human behaviors and applies them to strategic marketing tactics that any marketer can use.


Why is it that losing out on something is twice as action-inducing as gaining something? This is our brain leveraging the loss aversion heuristic. It’s trying to protect you from losing what it perceived to be yours. Because at the end of the day, people would much rather sacrifice a reward than lose something they have … or even perceive that they have.



To make decisions, our brains rely on what comes to mind quickly. Because an event happened more recently, our brain will overestimate its occurence, and in turn, deem it to be more significant, even if the event was unusual or unlikely. And we tend to believe that whatever comes to mind more quickly means it’s far more common and more accurate, giving unprecedented influential power to recent experiences.


Want to have a good idea of how your audience will act? There is one tried and true fundamental trait of how humans behave: It’s how they behaved before. Marketers who need to connect with technical audiences can leverage this human behavior to invoke people’s desire for consistency. And this can significantly change how an audience acts.


Episode one: Stereotypes

Are certain stereotypes getting you to act the part? We explore how self image shapes our decisions and what we can learn to use this for the better when it comes to persuading an audience. Learning this may inspire a totally different interaction with your audience than ever before.