We lead by serving the industry and our clients.


With over 20 years in the science and healthcare industry, we are uniquely positioned to shift understanding and produce results. By engineering stakeholder alignment and uncovering industry insights, we provide a clear path forward.


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    Hamid Ghanadan Speaker

    Hamid Ghanadan lives at the nexus of scientific data and people. A biochemist-turned-marketer, he has dedicated his career to understanding the decision-making patterns of scientists in order to make a human connection with them and positively influence their decisions. Hamid has presented at TEDx, is the author of two books, and routinely speaks at client and industry events. 

    Joanna Rudnick Speaker

    Joanna Rudnick is a storyteller, pouring her passion for humanity into telling narratives of science, technology and healthcare in a way that connects with audiences, and moves them. And, as a result, she makes leaders out of companies through the campaigns her and the creative team develop for our clients. With an extensive documentary film background, Joanna made her directional debut with the Emmy-nominated film In the Family.