The Untold Story

Elsevier needed something uncommon. The leading scientific information company had an impressively diverse suite of offerings, but they needed an overarching campaign to unite them. They needed something inspirational to show the world that they were more than just their publishing legacy.

The company had recently adopted a novel tagline, “Empowering Knowledge.” Now it was time to bring it to life.


Becoming Uncommon

All knowledge begins as uncommon—unrecognized, undervalued, and sometimes unaccepted. But with the right perspective and the right connections, the uncommon can become the exceptional.

Elsevier has the tools and information solutions to make information, not only accepted, but actionable—turning uncommon knowledge into common knowledge.


The Unveiling

Through a series of outbound digital media, Elsevier tipped their hat to those in science and healthcare who had ventured into the unconventional, the uncharted, the unimaginable, and the unrelenting in order to help build the world’s common knowledge—from the individual nurse to the 195 nations of the Paris Climate Agreement.


The Unrelenting Pursuit

Creating a device to reduce infant mortality.


When passionate minds meet, the pursuit of knowledge is unrelenting.