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Shifting perceptions, tackling a global problem

How do you demonstrate your brand value in a way that will resonate with every scientist? And how do you tell a relevant story across disparate products/business units that is specific enough to resonate across all of them?

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What we did.

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  • Brand Activation

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Competitive Assessment

  • Positioning

Creative Linus Capabilities


  • Campaign Concept

  • Catalytic Cinema (Documentary)

  • Creative Copywriting

  • UI/UX
  • Development

"The photos and quotes can hardly capture the impact today. But I wanted to try to describe the effect and send my thanks to all of you for the wonderful and creative work that you have developed for us."

- Chrysanne Lowe // VP Strategic Communications and Brand, Global Communications // Elsevier

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The campaign.

Tackling the brand of an over 100-year-old publishing company that has grown into a smart data platform with tentacles in every aspect of the sciences and health was not an easy task.

Elsevier needed something uncommon. The leading scientific information company had an impressively diverse suite of offerings, but they needed an overarching campaign to unite them. They wanted a relevant story to resonate across different business units and needed something inspirational to show the world that they were more than just their publishing legacy.

The company had recently adopted a novel tagline, “Empowering Knowledge.” Now it was time to activate it and bring it to life.


Through an immersive collaboration, we shifted perceptions of the former Elsevier collection of properties to a worldwide digital platform through a multi-channel, human-interest campaign. What we needed to communicate was that Elsevier did not only empower knowledge; they turned uncommon knowledge into common knowledge through cross-disciplinary, global connectivity, data, and insights.

Elsevier Empowering Knowledge Ad Linus


At the core of the brand activation was a compelling brand story that encompassed every  user touch-point along the buying journey and that was taken up by every business unit within the company. The specific creative components of the “UN” campaign included:


An overarching brand campaign comprised of beautiful high-impact imagery and powerful messaging to illustrate real stories from the science and health world where through the dissemination of knowledge uncommon theories became widely accepted and influential. This was delivered as brand standards and a toolkit with overarching art direction and word-smithing guidelines. We also produced a series of these adds as well as an outbound video to drive users into the campaign site.


We provided the engaging user content for their inbound channel on This included blogs highlighting the UN stories as well as the marquis documentary film and supporting topical video content.


In order to demonstrate that Elsevier was more of a connector and a partner than solely a repository of information, we brought together some of the smartest minds in the field of health, science, engineering and design to participate in a “hackathon.” The challenge was to create a new tool to combat neonatal death through resuscitation, a global issue aligning with the Millennium Development Goals. The 48-hour hackathon resulted in a documentary film and companion videos that were shared both externally and internally in a launch that coincided with an internal town hall meeting. 



In addition to the umbrella campaign, we worked with individual business units on subsequent assignments to create specific UN stories to target audiences in both academia and pharma/biopharma.


The campaign brought a new meaning to the Elsevier brand and helped demonstrate its value as a connector of world knowledge and a platform that brought people together in their quest to address global challenges. It also helped change existing perceptions of Elsevier as a profit-motivated company to a company driven by customer intimacy. Internally, the story resonated their disparate marketing efforts into a cohesive story and resonated with every employee who embraced the story and changed the way they communicated their brand story. The campaign also garnered media attention and accolades from companies as diverse as Nike and Deloitte.

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