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We’ve studied technical industries for over 20 years.

B2B organizations need a partner who not only knows their markets inside and out, but is also tuned in to their audiences. At Linus, we have unique models of how technical professionals make decisions, and how to motivate them to take action.


Humans are beautifully complex.

People who study science, medicine, or engineering are insatiably curious. But it takes a lot more than data and evidence to get this audience to change a behavior, especially one in your favor. 

Over the past two decades, we've uncovered certain patterns that govern our every action. By understanding these patterns, we can inspire people to change their behavior.  

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Our capabilities. 

Strategy Linus Capabilities


Scientists, clinicians, engineers and other technical professionals make decisions in a predictable way. Understanding their pattern enables carefully-crafted narratives that move them to action. Our digital marketing strategy leverages our proprietary model to develop unique and actionable insights that lead to strategies for achieving catalytic results. 


  • Voice of Customer
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Digital Footprint
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Market Synthesis
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Workshops
  • Immersion

Creative Linus Capabilities


Insights inspire great stories, and when stories are experienced, they have the power to persuade. Our creative approach is derived from documentary storytelling, user experience design, and behavioral research. 


  • Documentary Film
  • Scripted Film
  • 3D Animated Film
  • Virtual Reality
  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Infographics
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design (UI/UX)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Creative Copywriting

Digital Linus Capabilities


Marketing campaigns are fully maximized when messages and content are strategically placed in the proper channels and within the correct frameworks. We approach digital strategy from a holistic perspective, providing the context and inputs to make sound recommendations and the best path forward to exceed goals. 


  • User Intent Modeling
  • YouTube Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Website Enablement
  • Performance Audit & Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • SEO Strategy

Consulting Linus Capabilities

Consulting and Training

With over 20 years in the science and healthcare industry, we are uniquely positioned to shift understanding and produce results. By engineering stakeholder alignment and uncovering industry insights, we provide a clear path forward through our digital consulting offerings. 


  • Training for Marketers and Product Managers
  • Speaking
  • Marketing Audit
  • Digital Maturity Benchmarking

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Our workshops.

Backed by years of experience, planned for the future of marketing. 

Our hands-on workshop will prep you and your team with everything you need to create a strategic marketing plan, from value proposition development to product life cycle management and all the essential details in between. 

Spots are limited.


By the numbers.


Proprietary models

To us, it's not enough to understand your audience or your industry. We've spent significant resources in the past two decades in creating, validating, and empirically-optimizing specific models for how technical professionals make decisions, and how to influence them. 



Founded in 1996, we’ve always stayed true to our vision: bridge the gap between technical information and humans. This guides, drives, and inspires us every day and in every project. It’s the catalyst for how we work and think—on behalf of our clients.


Research data points

We’ve completed countless research projects with our clients and for ourselves, generating over half a million data points that allow us to gain a unique perspective of virtually every one of our clients' markets. It's these insights that give us the confidence to deliver results on our clients' most challenging initiatives.