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Hamid Ghanadan

Hamid has dedicated his career to redefining the way we communicate to the life science and healthcare industries. As a biochemist turned marketer, he has a unique understanding of the thought processes of a technical mind. Using these observations, Hamid advocates for marketers to develop strategies that reflect the way a scientist or clinician thinks.

His two books, Persuading Scientists and Catalytic Experiences, bring to life the strategies that are paramount to understanding the way a scientist makes a decision, and that also make up the foundation of Linus’ key methodologies to helping life science marketers thrive.

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Persuading Scientists + Technical Minds

The first of its kind focused on marketing strategy to the life science and healthcare industries, this speech sets a new standard for reaching skeptical audiences, including scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals. Consider this your roadmap for marketers to effectively navigate the marketing paradigm shift, build effective content-centric marketing models, create and deploy successful campaigns, and measure their impact.

Leveraging Digital Maturity

Virtually every marketer and executive within the life science and healthcare industry is transforming their commercial activities by using new digital communication technologies and practices.

To do so effectively, it is critical to first develop a framework for this transformation toward Digital Maturity, and to benchmark where you are in the spectrum of Digital Maturity. In this speech, Hamid introduces Linus’ Life Science Digital Maturity Index and shares why it leads to better profits for the life science industry.

Creating Catalytic Experiences

Hamid synthesizes how scientists and clinicians are dealing with the ever-increasing barrage of content and what the future holds for marketers, offering the three necessary pieces for orchestrating successful digital marketing in science and healthcare. This speech provides science and healthcare companies with a proven model to cut through the noise and truly shift the market's understanding in their favor.

Speaking experience.

Hamid Ghanadan Linus Speaker

You can find Hamid at his home in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and daughter, baking bread and planning his next mountaineer adventure.

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