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Joanna Rudnick

Joanna has an exceptional propensity for stimulating behavioral change for a broad set of audiences. By flipping the script on how stories are told in the healthcare and life science industries, her films have transcended hearts and minds and motivated action.

For over two decades, Joanna has directed and produced  films in partnership with for-profits, nonprofits, business executives, scientists and clinicians. She’s the author and producer of several high-impact, multi-channel digital and social campaigns, including award-winning documentary films. Her directorial debut film was nominated for a national Emmy award. 

Joanna’s tells stories at the intersection of science, healthcare, and humanity — raising public awareness on healthcare policies, breaking stereotypes in the media, and shedding light on the medical world’s untold stories.

Joanna Rudnick Linus Speaker
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Let’s talk about the power of life-changing stories. Joanna's storytelling and interviews have been featured in:

— Bustle
— Huffington Post
— My Gene Counsel
— The Chicago Tribune Magazine

Joanna Rudnick Linus Speaker

When she’s not producing films and changing the way we think about storytelling, you can find Joanna at her home in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two children and husband.