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L7 Informatics:

Priming a market-ready audience


When it comes to content marketing, sometimes the best solution calls for flipping the process on its head. That's why we partnered with L7 Informatics on a different approach to content marketing. This method allowed us to prime an audience that was not only familiar with L7 Informatics' business and services, but also ready to establish a meaningful relationship as a customer.

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Campaign results.




requested to be contacted by l7 InformaTics salesperson


responded to a l7 InformaTics salesperson

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What we did.

Strategy Linus Capabilities


  • Voice of Customer

  • Competitive Assessment

  • Customer Intelligence

  • Market Synthesis

  • Messaging

The campaign.

In the pursuit of better healthcare and accelerated discoveries, L7 Informatics offers synergistic solutions to healthcare companies so they can provide superior care to its patients. The data management company uses open-source business management tools and collaborates with outside experts to streamline and optimize workflows. Their enterprise technology provides a cohesive dashboard, designed specifically around the needs and challenges of laboratory research organizations. Their solution tracks and provides access to any and all lab activity and data that a healthcare professional may need to improve workflow and nurture better healthcare outputs. 

Despite their genuine value proposition and custom solutions for laboratories, L7 Informatics proprietary technology was seen as something brand new to an industry that already used legacy software and databases. L7 Informatics services were also seen as a luxury rather than an essential for everyday lab operations.

We needed to both expose the category to its staggering difference in efficiency and also shift L7 Informatics’ potential customers mindset from “nice to have” service to a “must have.” 



To kick-off our collaboration with L7 Informatics we held a co-creation session to assess their assumptions and anecdotes about their audience’s preconceptions. But the organization didn’t have a way to actually test these theories and perceived ideas. So we conducted stakeholder interviews and a competitive landscape analysis to shape a messaging strategy that would position L7 Informatics as the only partner for labs looking to make a difference in healthcare. 

To test our messaging strategy, we developed an online forum tool called “Digital Dialogue.” This tool helped us both validate the relevance and resonance of our message as well as guide L7 Informatics’ target audience through a conversation with questions that would pique their interest in the company’s services.  This survey allowed us to collect over 100 viable, market-ready leads for their sales team.



With qualified leads that were rooted in the idea of “quality over quantity,” L7 Informatics was able to establish meaningful and deeper relationships with its customers, making for a customer relationship that far exceeded that of their competitors.

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How Digital Dialogue works.

To truly engage an audience while also gaining qualified leads and marketing intelligence, we’ve developed a proprietary tool called Digital Dialogue. It uses an online forum that simulates our Persuading A Technical Audience methodology and leads to pre-conditioned, highly-qualified leads.

Digital Dialogue Flow

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