Webinar: The Secret to No-Fluff Marketing Your Entire Life Science or Healthcare Portfolio

Recorded Webinar

As companies grow their product portfolios to serve new markets and to better serve their current markets, marketing executives see an opportunity to position and market their entire portfolio instead of marketing each individual product. But as many executives have experienced, this is a difficult task. 

Several barriers keep companies from successfully marketing their portfolios. Each product is usually positioned on its own technical merits, and many marketers believe that they either have to compromise the strength of each product’s positioning, or they must develop such a lofty, over-arching strategy that it will be seen by audiences as meaningless “fluff”. There is another way to successfully and powerfully position and activate an entire product portfolio.

In this recorded webinar, Hamid Ghanadan and Joanna Rudnick from Linus, along with Gina Mullane from Charles River Laboratories, discuss the secret to activating your product portfolio. Through a case study, they provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities Charles River overcame to raise their messaging to encompass their entire portfolio. Additionally, Ms. Mullane shares real-time results of how the initiative has performed to date.