Podcast Interview: Hamid Ghanadan Discusses Science’s Usability Problem (and a lot, lot more) with Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Founder Hamid Ghanadan joins Saul Marqeuz, the host of Outcomes Rocket, for a conversation that began with discussing science’s usability problem. From there, they ventured into topics including:

  • Why healthcare should focus on relationships between humans and technology, before diving into latest and greatest tech

  • How to really make a change in marketing in the medical industry

  • Why failures mitigate mistakes

  • And the time a 9-year-old stunned a group of scientists into awe

“I don't believe that science is very usable,” said Hamid. “We try to understand human behavior and what drives people to action and we try to close that gap just a little bit more and try to close that utility and usability problem.”

Listen to the whole interview here.