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Episode 5: The Persuasive Power of People in Authority

Our brains simply don’t have the bandwidth to evaluate every single decision, that’s why it looks for authoritative voices to tell us what to do. But did you know that our brains will react to a signal of authority, no matter who it comes from, with the same level of effectiveness?

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Episode 4: It’s What’s Not There That Matters

Why is it that losing out on something is twice as action-inducing as gaining something? This is our brain leveraging the loss aversion heuristic. Because at the end of the day, people would much rather sacrifice a reward than lose something they have … or even perceive that they have.

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Episode 3: This is Why Our Brain Gives Influential Power to Our Most Recent Experiences

Because an event happened more recently, our brain will overestimate its relevancy, and in turn, deem it to be more significant. That’s because, to make decisions, our brains rely on what comes to mind quickly. In this episode of Catalytic Results, Hamid Ghanadan breaks down the influential power of the availability heuristic.

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