Webinar: Effective pharma + healthcare marketing through storytelling that leads to action

Thanks to a unique combination of disaggregated audiences, regulation and a mixed online/offline experience, today’s marketers have to tame a wild, multi-headed audience decision-journey monster to drive results. This is what makes the communication landscape for pharma and healthcare markets so complex.

So where does this notion of storytelling come in, that we hear so much about?

Linus Founder Hamid Ghanadan unpacks what it takes to craft an effective marketing strategy through storytelling.

In this webinar, Hamid will present a model for how to construct stories that sync with the decision-journey of key pharma and healthcare audiences.  

By the end of this webinar, viewers will:

  • learn about a universal decision-journey model to navigate key audiences

  • Understand the six key variables in a story that drive people to action

  • Apply these models to an online/offline user experience environment

  • Set up metrics dashboards that allow them to track audiences across their decision-making

This webinar is ideal for brand managers, marketers and communicators in the pharma, biopharma, diagnostics companies, medical device companies and healthcare providers.