Webinar: The Current State Of Digital Transformations In The Life Science Industry

Webinar Recording

Virtually every marketer and executive within the life science and healthcare industry is either considering or actively transforming their commercial activities by using new digital communication technologies and practices. To do so effectively, it is critical to begin by both developing a framework for this transformation and to benchmark where you are in the spectrum of Digital Maturity.

For the second year, Linus has benchmarked over 100 companies in the life science industry on the of Digital Maturity spectrum.

This webinar will enable anyone engaged in any customer touchpoint to optimize their efforts. Whether you are launching a new product, marketing your portfolio, generating leads, increasing eCommerce efficacy, or playing a role in your company’s digital transformation, the Life Science Digital Maturity Index will allow you to make better decisions in your work.

In this recorded webinar, audiences will gain:

  • A deep understanding of Digital Maturity and why it leads to better profits for your business

  • Five key facets of Digital Maturity

  • The distribution of marketers along the Life Science Digital Maturity Index

  • A roadmap for how to evolve

This webinar is ideal for managers, directors and VPs of marketing, communications, or other facets of commercial organizations.