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At Linus, whether we're fine-tuning our namesake methodologies, sharing our POV on industry insights, or speaking at events and corporations, we're eager to get the word out—and hear yours too. 


Catalytic Results

Explore human behaviors and learn how to leverage them for a more effective marketing program.


Meet our keynote speakers: Experts in marketing, creativity, and everything in between.


We believe in an open-sourced world. That’s why we share our foundational models and publish industry insights.


Catalytic Results.

Humans are complex. Especially technically-trained professionals in life sciences, healthcare, and other technology-related companies. They just don't simply do as they're told.

So how does a marketer get this particular audience to take action?

Here’s the thing: Technical professionals make decisions in predictable ways. And if marketers understand these behaviors, they can leverage them to create successful marketing campaigns.

Our video series, Catalytic Results, explores routine human behaviors and shows how marketers, or anyone who has to persuade a technical audience, how to transform the insights uncovered in this video into strategic marketing tactics.

Keynote speakers.


Hamid GhanAdan

Life Science Marketer. Digital Strategist. Speaker + Author.

Hamid has dedicated his career to redefining the way we communicate to the life science and healthcare industries. As a biochemist turned marketer, he has a unique understanding of the thought processes of a technical mind. Using these observations, Hamid advocates for marketers to develop strategies that reflect the way a scientist or clinician thinks.

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Published books. 

Catalytic Experiences Book Linus Hamid Ghanadan


In his highly anticipated second book, Hamid Ghanadan provides a synthesis of how scientists and clinicians are dealing with the ever-increasing barrage of content and what the future holds for marketers, offering the three necessary pieces for orchestrating successful digital marketing in science and healthcare.

Catalytic Experiences provides science and healthcare companies with a proven model to cut through the noise and truly shift the market’s understanding in their favor. 


Persuading Scientists Book Linus Hamid Ghanadan

Persuading Scientists

The first and most widely read book to focus exclusively on marketing strategy to the life science and healthcare industries, Persuading Scientists offers a unique model for influencing the decision of technical audiences, including scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

Hamid Ghanadan provides marketers with a roadmap to build effective content-centric marketing strategies, create and deploy successful campaigns, and measure their impact. 

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