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Catalytic Cinema & Website

Meet Evie. When she was born, she wasn't expected to survive due to a rare metabolic bone disease. At the time of her birth, there was no treatment. What if Evie could meet the people who developed the drug for her ultra-rare disease?

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Animated Video

Drug development is like trying to reach the moon. When your molecule is a moonshot your path must be personalized. Bio-Rad provides innovative solutions that accelerate the discovery process and optimize workflows.

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3D Art Installation

In support of Becton Dickinson's launch of a genomics division, we created a new way of seeing data from single-cell analysis—in the third dimension.

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Animated Video

Biology can be variable. But your results shouldn’t be. Waters provides data that’s harmonized across methods, instruments, and platforms, at any developmental phase anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Reality

We take you inside a cell and immerse you in the experience of it being rescued by CRISPR using VR. Bio-Rad premiered it at Interphex 2017.

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