The Need to Go Beyond

MilliporeSigma’s Process Solutions group offered the biopharma industry an impressive set of services and products. These offerings, along with MilliporeSigma’s deep expertise, uniquely positioned the company to help its customers navigate the complex and risky process of developing large molecule drugs. But MilliporeSigma needed to become better known for working with biopharma companies at a higher level; not just as a supplier or service provider, but as a business-model innovator.


Beyond Today’s Biopharma

What’s the impact of a blockbuster biologic falling off patent? Will capacity be there to make newly approved mAbs? And what’s that got to do with the price of a biosimilar in China?

In developing the Go Beyond Today’s Biopharma creative campaign, Linus and MilliporeSigma looked at questions like these as the questions that keep industry executives up at night, pondering the balance between risk and control. Then we asked ourselves a question: how could we speak to these concerns, thereby leading the Go Beyond Biopharma conversation?


Beyond the Findings

First, MilliporeSigma partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm of The Economist newspaper, to survey 254 biopharma executives and produce a report on the results. Then, MilliporeSigma used the findings to create a series of outbound ads, a campaign site, an interactive data visualization, a blog, and social media, transforming the survey results into a rich experience and ongoing conversation on the future of biopharma.


With the right insights, you’ll go beyond today’s fears, so often based on yesterday’s rules, and realize tomorrow’s opportunities.