How to Become a Leader

In January 2016, Kris Rohman became the President at Linus. He joined us with 15 years of operations and management experience in advertising and marketing, and through his guidance, Linus is positioning itself for continued growth.

At Linus, our leadership strategy is simple: we lead through serving.

We believe that leadership is earned, and every day, we strive to earn the honor of leading marketing initiatives in the science and medical industries. We do this by sharing our very best thinking, the highest quality work, and the most efficient and rewarding processes to help our clients and their revolutionary products thrive. It’s a high bar, and Kris is the right leader to guide us there.

Kris’ own management philosophy is a key contributor to further achieving this strategy. He is focused on serving the team to achieve its potential by removing obstacles and creating an environment ripe for success. His rapport with employees and consistent communication with our clients builds consensus and culture, and drives positive action.

So how is he doing?

Since he started, our employee satisfaction is up by six percentage points. Our client satisfaction is up, too. Throughout every engagement, Kris holds several in-depth conversations with all clients and asks them to measure us on the quality of our work and our processes. He also asks whether they feel that they could refer us and whether they intend to work with us again.

As any leader should, we decided to publish the results of our client satisfaction program directly on our website. While we are proud of our achievements, every day we wake up and come to work and strive to be better, guided by the vision and resolve of our amazing new leader, Kris Rohman.