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Thermo Fisher Scientific:

Spotlighting a global fight against cancer


Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted to shine a light on a noble cause: cancer research. We partnered with the biotechnology leader to create a global documentary series that profiled the efforts and achievements of research happening worldwide in the fight against cancer.

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What we did.

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The campaign.

With a mission that enables their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer, Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted to be a contributor in the fight against cancer. To do so, they partnered with leading researchers working on the front lines that are developing tomorrow’s breakthroughs in cancer therapy. Thermo’s objective was two-fold: to recognize the researchers’ efforts and achievements and gain an understanding of the inefficiencies in cancer research.



In order to bring this endeavor to light, Thermo created a global documentary series, SPOTLIGHT, profiling the ongoing work at renown cancer research institutions across the globe. The films also touched upon the novel solutions to overcome inefficiencies in cancer research like irreproducible results, restricted techniques and disconnected data.

At the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute in Dublin, Ireland we spoke to researchers about their urgent need for patient samples to better understand metastatic cancer. Because patient samples are such a rare resource, one slight misstep can render that valuable sample null, effectively removing that sample from their research efforts. That’s why Thermo Fisher’s tool and technologies are so vital to protecting these precious samples, at every step of testing.

At the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research in Toronto, Canada, we highlighted the importance of big data to gather the vital statistics that lead to life-saving discoveries and hypotheses. The challenge with big data is finding a safe yet accessible way to store all of this rich and important information. With accessible data, scientists and researchers from around the world can share and use their data as an open-source at an international level.

Thermo Fisher opens up the possibilities for teams from across the world to come together to share data and research. The SPOTLIGHT series demonstrates how in cancer research, everything is precious. By recognizing this, Thermo Fisher makes certain that nothing stands in the way of scientists’ next cancer research discovery.

Visit Thermo Fisher’s cancer research hub to watch the full video features.



Thermo Fisher premiered the SPOTLIGHT series at the distinguished American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference to an audience of experts in the field. By partnering with renown cancer researchers from across the globe, the biotechnology leader consciously reached out to the scientific community and lended their voice for their efforts and concerns, helping to create breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

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