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Dimming the chaos in workflow solutions


In the pursuit of better workflows, silos of data information are a direct causation, cutting off valuable information to key aspects of the process. And in an industry where data is currency, syncing it all is key to success. That's why we positioned Waters' suite of offerings and expertise as the best solution for workflow process and data set management.

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Campaign results.




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*Results are from five months after campaign launch. 

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What we did.

Strategy Linus Capabilities


  • Market Synthesis
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
Creative Linus Capabilities


  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Infographics
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design (UI/UX)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Creative Copywriting

The campaign.

In the biopharma industry, information reigns king. And organizations are always striving for more of it. With more information comes a better workflow, more efficient manufacturing processes and speedier developments. Waters recognized that although a surplus of information meant better data, it also meant that silos of information would increase, diminishing the process into chaos. But what Waters excelled at — creating compliance-ready solutions in a heavily regulated industry — meant that biopharma companies can trust that their information would translate across workflows for easy harmonization.

That’s why Waters armed their customers with strong leadership resources, a network of partnerships and the expertise and experience needed to harmonize this information and data. They just needed everyone else to see that too.



To begin, we made this problem, and the ripple of its worsening effects, top-of-mind to Waters' customers. Waters then encouraged their audience to consider their proprietary analytical strategy as the best solution to that problem. To do so, we needed to remind this audience that data is highly valuable yet can be compromised in any stage of the workflow. To guarantee harmonious information and data formation flows, users needed to prioritize data integrity and continuation with raw analytical power.

creative + digital

This all culminated into a campaign rife with a digital suite of advertisements, infographics, social media campaigns, interactive experiences, microsites, and a video. Each piece captured the sentiment of what users may experience in typical biopharma workflows, and demonstrated why Waters workflow solutions created consistent data generations.

In the video, Harmonizing Chaos, the video’s story traced the generation and analysis of information along every step of development and manufacturing process. The video brought to light the fractures that turn continuity and consistency into chaos during this process. The video showed what a future void of data silos looked like, one that harbored simplicity and success. The video then lead viewers to an online microsite, where they could share their own experiences with chaos vs. harmonization in a guided conversation.

Waters Biopharma Campaign Animated Video

Here, users could discover the potential solutions Waters offers. Through a self-guided tool, Waters provided participants with instruments and software programs that help their workflow in situations that typically digress into disparate data sets.

Waters collected this feedback and targeted participants with thought leadership content and product information relevant to their problem areas.



Today, we're continuing our work with Waters' in empowering their customers with the right tools to create data harmonization, so they can get to helping patients faster.

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