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A Trial of One is a documentary film that follows teenager Darious Gallegos on a clinical trial using CAR T-Cell immunotherapy to fight his Stage IV B-cell Lymphoma. The film captures the physical and emotional complexities, and the human journey that people like Darious, his doctors, scientists, and family all undertake to realize a new frontier of personalized healthcare.

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Drug development is like trying to reach the moon. When your molecule is a moonshot your path must be personalized. Bio-Rad provides innovative solutions that accelerate the discovery process and optimize workflows.

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Becton Dickinson 3D Art Installation


In support of Becton Dickinson's launch of a genomics division, we created a new way of seeing data from single-cell analysis—in the third dimension. 

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What happens when a cancer patient meets the people who helped save her life? We explore her journey and see how Charles River brings life-saving drugs to patients.

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We take you inside a cell and immerse you in the experience of it being rescued by CRISPR using VR. Bio-Rad premiered it at Interphex 2017.

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Case Studies


How do you elevate your conversation with your customers in biopharma? For MilliporeSigma, the answer lay in thinking, investigating, and going beyond today’s biopharma.

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GE Life Sciences

Find out how a systemized approach to a manual protocol found GE Life Sciences face-to-face with 40 years of habit in a story about where art meets science.

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Messages are much more powerful when they are felt. To demonstrate Elsevier's 'Empowering Knowledge™' message, we brought together a cross-disciplinary team to solve a global health problem.

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Linus Team Agency News


The Linus team enjoys sharing points of views and ideas. Get a feel for how we think by watching our recent webinar or reading why we feel working less in the Summer makes us more productive. 

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Thought Leadership

From published books and an established marketing model to a TEDx talk and an Emmy nomination, Linus is an industry leader with the goods to prove it. 

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