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Charles River Labs:

Building success, story by story


After a notable multi-channel digital campaign launch and film debut, Charles River Labs wanted to gain even more momentum for their brand reputation. We worked with their organization to capture yet another impactful story that celebrated the life-changing efforts of the Charles River network.

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Campaign results.
















*Results are from one month after campaign launch. 

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What we did.

Creative Linus Capabilities


  • Campaign Concept

  • Catalytic Cinema (Documentary)

  • Creative Copywriting

  • UI/UX

  • Development

The campaign.

Riding a wave of success and an increased brand awareness after launching their “Every Step of the Way” campaign featuring the inspiring story of a soulful, professional singer and the fight for her voice, Charles River wanted to keep telling the stories of their powerful network of dedicated scientists that spans laboratories, hospital rooms, and geographies.

Continuing the “Every Step of the Way” message, we knew we had to find another story just as poignant and as touching as Ginger’s.

To find such a story, we conducted stakeholder interviews with patients, scientists, researchers and family member to capture the essence of how Charles River Labs positively impacts patients’ lives.

That’s when we met a brave little girl named Evie. From birth, Evie battled an ultra-rare bone disorder, called hypophosphotasia (HPP). The disease prevented her bones from properly growing and calcifying properly—making her bones soft and very fragile. When Evie was diagnosed with the HPP, she was able to enroll in a clinical trial that deliver an enzyme to her bones, allowing them to harden and calcify.

By recognizing everyone that was a part of Evie’s journey—from scientists to doctors to her parents to even Evie herself, the next saga of the Charles River campaign once again celebrated the brilliant people that are a part of their mission or organization dedicated to the advancement of science.



Evie’s story debuted during Rare Disease Day on Charles River Labs’ website and social media.

The film kicked off a groundbreaking outbound and inbound campaign, that included: a philanthropic social element where shares equaled donations; and an inbound microsite.

Website and documentary

Website and documentary


We created a set of both still and motion assets to use in digital marketing outbound—from social media to digital advertisements. All of the imagery we used was captured on site during the documentary shoot and included everyone who was a part of Evie’s story.


All of the outbound assets drove to the inbound digital hub website that put Evie's film at the center of an interactive, digital discovery experience about CRL's services and focus areas.

Documentary Trailer



The multi-part campaign took Charles River Labs out of the background and beyond its perceived outsourcing status, and celebrates  its unsung heroes that contribute to a better medical future. 

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"In over 70 years of business, Charles River has never had an analyst comment on a marketing campaign. Incredible work by your team!"

- Gina Mullane // Corporate Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer // Charles River

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