Privacy Policy

What Information Is Collected

There are times when we may ask you or you may choose to provide information about you. Also, we may obtain information about you from others. Information collected may include, among other things, your name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number, background questions and other information about yourself.

How Information Is Collected

Linus does not collect and log your IP address. We may collect information using a number of services that best suit your purpose for visiting our site. Information is gathered using one or a number of the following, download forms, email forms, and subscribe forms.


Cookie technology is used when you visit our site to help us track various activity on the site including which pages you visit, how many times you visit, how long you spend visiting, and how to recognize you as a ‘user’ so as to best enhance your experience with us. Cookies cannot obtain personally identifiable information such as your email address, or any other information stored on your hard drive. Cookies are pieces of data, normally stored by your browser, and you can quite easily prevent cookie data from being sent by adjusting your browser settings.

Use Of Information

We collect this information from you solely for the purpose specified on our site. Occasionally we may use information to provide customer specific offerings, online marketing, or for promotional purposes. The Linus Group does not share data it collects with various third parties, partners, site sponsors, or sites with links to our site. Personal information collected about you may be utilized for the following purposes:

  • Providing products or services you have requested.
  • Improving our service.
  • Developing and/or having you informed of additional products or services we think will be of interest to you.
  • Answering questions you may have.
  • Data integrity.

Any information gathered is to the best of our knowledge collected lawfully and fairly through our website. All information is assumed accurate and up to date and only information which is adequate and not excessive to our purpose for collection is obtained.

Anonymous Browsing

You can visit Linus on the web without offering any information about yourself. In those cases, our web servers collect the name of the domain you used to access the Internet (such as “”) and the website you came from and visit next. This information is used by us to measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, and other statistics about visitors to our website. We also use this data to monitor site performance and to make the site easier and more convenient for you to use.

Opt-Out Policy

Linus believes that you have the right to full control over the flow of your personal information. We provide user choice to opt-out from having information passed on for marketing, advertising or promotional purposes. You may receive newsletters, promotional packages, or information regarding our services inclusive of a mailing list, unlike many traditional businesses, you may choose not to be included in our mailing list, and you may opt-out from receiving communication from us or affiliated third parties at a later date. If you do not wish to receive anything from Linus, please contact us with the contact information below.

Information Protection And Security

When you submit your information to The Linus Group, whether it be your name, address, or other information, we do our utmost to ensure that information is protected against loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or unauthorized access. Linus uses encryption tools such as Switches to help protect your personal information. Encryption can be used after your data has left your internal system. Encryption renders your data unreadable using a mathematical formula known as the key. Your data is turned back into readable form, i.e. deciphered, by applying the correct key. Employees within Linus with access to your information provided utilize such information only in adherence to this Privacy Policy. Employees who utilize information for any reason other than the reasons stated within this policy may be subject to reprimand or even legal proceedings.

Onward Transfer

Linus does not share information you provide to us with third parties, partners, linked sites or sponsors in order to offer you other products and services not available through Linus. It is important to note that this site may contain links to other sites, The Linus Group is not responsible for the policy of linked sites and we suggest you review their privacy statement for adherence to principles.

Contact Details

If you would like to contact us for information on any of our services, information on our privacy policy, or for any reason relating to our site, we can be reached at or by calling (510) 547-7100.