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We bring value to our clients by increasing marketing effectiveness through proven strategies.

Our experience is rooted in deepening customer intimacy through behavioral research and orchestrating change with targeted communications and leadership positioning. 

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Product Launch Linus

Product launch.

Whether it’s medical devices or knowledge resources, we have the experience and expertise it takes to launch products into both new and existing markets—and do so effectively.

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Value Proposition Linus

Value proposition.

Looking to strengthen and demonstrate the value of your product in an existing market? We have a proven track record of empowering existing brands and breaking into new markets.

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Brand Activation Linus

Brand activation.

Does your organization offer a diverse set of services, but is only known for one? An agile brand activation strategy will tap your best assets and introduce them to your market in an ownable way.

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Portfolio Messaging Linus

Portfolio messaging.

Unifying a suite of brands under one portfolio strengthens not only the portfolio, but also every single brand affiliated with the organization.

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Interactive Lead Generation Linus

Interactive lead generation.

Ready to truly engage with your audience and gain qualified leads and market intelligence? Using an online forum that simulates our Persuading Technical Minds methodology and leads to pre-conditioned, highly-qualified leads.

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Workshops Linus


Our hands-on workshops are backed by years of experience and planned for the future of marketing. We will prep you and your team with everything you need to create a strategic marketing plan, from value proposition to product life cycle management and all the essential details in between.

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